Quick Post: Pinterest Without Copyrighted Material


Recently, Pinterest changed their terms of service stating that copyrighted material should not be posted and shared. This didn’t seem like a big deal to me because no one is claiming the material is “theirs.” A Buzzfeed (which is an awesome website and I think everyone should look at it) employee took it upon themselves to show us what the website would look like with the copyrighted material





Doesn’t seem that fun anymore if you ask me.

Check out what Buzzfeed has to say about it. (http://www.buzzfeed.com/jwherrman/what-pinterest-would-look-like-without-copyrighted)

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What is Public Relations?


When people ask me what public relations is I always respond by saying, “public relations is the process of creating and maintaing a relationship with the public.” And let me tell you, whenever I say that people look at me like, “so… you don’t know what PR is.” Once I see that look I try and explain what I mean.

The thing is I understand what PR practitioners do, but I didn’t understand how to explain it. Until I took principles of public relations. This class clearly defined what public relations is and it solidified my desire to pursue a career in PR.

First the class learned the correct definition of public relations. I mean, there is no way you could talk about a subject without knowing and agreeing on what it really is

“Public relations is the management function that identifies, establishes, and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the various publics on whom its success or failure depends.” From Effective Public Relations

But more importantly public relations is a process, RACE, which stands for research, action, communication, and evaluation. And that’s is what the class is learning about, the multiple steps to complete RACE.

Another thing that I have to explain to people is how important and realistic public relations jobs are. People think the only thing PR practitioners do are plan events, when it is so much more. Practitioners write news releases to spread information to the mass media, they put together media advisories, set up interviews and news conferences, manage social media, and so much more beside party planning. The career has come a really long way.

The more I learn about PR the more I want to work in the field, especially in social media. We had a guest speaker, Jordan Raynor from Engage, who spoke about how influential social media is in today’s society. He told us that after doing research he learned that the 2012 election was not just a race between Obama and a republican candidate, but a choice between Eminem and Johnny Cash. That just wow’d me for some reason. People can really be reduced to what their social media says about them.

Ok so this post went from me talking about my Principles class to talking about PR in general. (maybe I’ll edit it to fit the original idea… but probably not :D)

Back to  my class, I am really learning a lot. I really like the Powerpoint, and I think the text book is my favorite to date. We were assigned a campaign project, a personal brand project, and a volunteer project. I think these projects were perfect and were so much fun to complete, especially the personal brand project because it gave me the push I needed to start my blog. And my professor is so easy to learn from and talk to. It makes me have faith that I can succeed in public relations, and that I will have fun doing it.

So yea. That was me rambling about public relations.

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Volunteering at the Engineering EXPO


I volunteered for the Engineering EXPO because many of my friends are pursuing STEM majors. My friends were already volunteering with the EXPO or their organizations were put on showcase and they still needed help. I also took it as a chance for me to learn a more about the STEM subjects. In addition, it was a way for me to help out USF by present a good image to the schools, students, and parents.

The exhibit I worked at was a demonstration by WUSF Public Media on how to create a video game and enter it into a contest to win prizes. I worked on crowd control at this exhibit, standing at the door and not allowing people to enter once the classroom was filled and when the presentation started. I also helped direct people to other exhibits and pointed them to the restrooms.

I did not get to experience as much as I wanted to because I was outside of the classroom, but I did help a lot of people get to specific exhibits. Their thanks and kind words were a great reward to me. There is something about knowing you helped someone that really makes me happy.

There were tons of kids there, all ages,  K-12. You could tell they were having a good time. It wasn’t as organized as it could’ve been, and it rained, but the kids were having fun and learning. That’s what really mattered. I’m not sure how the publicized the event to other schools, but whatever they did it was successful. I can understand how public and private schools got the information about the EXPO, but I have no idea how homeschooled students got the information.

Overall I enjoyed the event because I felt like I was helping out, albeit only a bit. I would have liked to have more interaction with the exhibits and the students. I would have liked to learn something new that day. Nevertheless I do plan to volunteer again at the EXPO. Hopefully I will be able to get a position closer to the exhibits.

Everyone should volunteer now and then. It feels so good to be giving back to people and not expecting anything in return.

Check out the volunteer activities your favorite organization is doing and sign up!!

Happy Volunteering!



Help with your Linkedin Profile

Nederlands: Linked In icon

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Here are a few websites that I found to be very helpful when I filled out my Linkedin profile. If your like me (meaning you are a college student, unemployed, lacking in employment history, and a little behind on the internship wagon… wow that sounds so pathetic)  you will find these links to be super helpful.




Happy exploring!

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What Happens to Our Social Media Accounts When We Die?


I have never thought of this question until I saw this video.

In today’s society, where everything is online from our personal emails, to our tweets and post on Twitter and Facebook. We no longer live in one world, we now live in at least two different worlds.

Like people do with their physical assets, people are placing sections in their will about their digital assets. “11 percent of Britons say they have  included, or plan to include, their internet passwords in their wills” [source]

So Why Would We Want To Delete Out Online Lives?

Well, digital assets could be used ‘in an inappropriate and unexpected way’ if they were not looked after. Your Facebook account could be used to taunt family members, or your bank account could be drained before being settled by the state.

To guard against this happening “Always check site terms and conditions for details of how your content will be used and don’t wait for the state to introduce protective legislation,” said Sarah Needham, media and data protection lawyer at law firm Taylor Wessing. ‘Legislation will always be the tortoise to technology’s hare.’

Legislation is attempting to catch up, though. In the US, Nebraska state senator John Wightman wants to introduce a law that would allow the executor of a will to use the deceased’s social media accounts to either close them or leave them as a memorial.

A similar law was introduced in the state of Oklahoma in 2010. Mr Wightman said: ‘The law must keep up with technology. At this point, it has not.’ And Ms Needham acknowledged the issue was not going to go away. ‘Dealing with death in a digital world is an important issue that all countries are going to have to legislate for eventually,’ she said.

For Further protection check the Terms and Conditions 

Twitter: They will delete an account after receiving the death certificate from a family member.

Facebook: Will memorialize the profile, this means the user’s privacy settings are altered to allow only their friends to see the profile. Facebook will remove the account if the family request it and provides a death certificate. 

Yahoo!: Will permanently delete all your accounts and their contents, preventing access by anyone other than you, upon receipt of a copy of your death certificate.

Google: Automatically deletes any account that has been inactive for more than nine months––including e-mail accounts––but does not take this action specifically because a user has died.

YouTube: Allow heirs with legal power of attorney to gain control of a user’s account and its content.

There are even website like, Legacy Locker, DataInHerit, and Entrustet , that will keep all of your passwords and online information for you and only give that information to a ‘guardian’ when you pass.

Social media has such an impact on out lives today, it’s crazy. It’s interesting to me to see how much social media has effected our lives. To the point where we have to include a section about it in our wills. This just solidifies the idea of my working with social media. It’s becoming the way of life, if you aren’t online then you are behind.

Side Note: Encyclopedia Britannica will no longer be in print.

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Hello world!


Hey There!

I’m Michaela, a public relations student at the University of South Florida. \It’s nice to meet you!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Becoming a Public Relations Professional. This blog is going to document my last two years at the University of South Florida and my journey to becoming a PR practitioner and a women in the professional world.

So what can you find on this blog?

  • Class assignments that I believe relate to PR somehow
  • Post about PR things in general (talking about social media, analyzing a new campaign, tools etc.)
  • My time during internships (when I get one)
  • Post about being a professional (Information I found helpful about presenting myself professionally)
  • Personal information and post that I feel relate to PR or being a women in the professional world.
Ultimately, this blog will be a way for me to explore many of my interest related to PR and share it with the world. The internet and social media is such a big part of public relations, and the world in general, I just want to become more familiar with it.
To learn more about me check out my about me page

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