Summer Job as a Bus Driver


This summer while most of my friends and peers are spending their time completing internships, my summer job will be driving a bus. Which as you may expect is not my dream summer job, but it does pay the bills and gives me something else to add to my résumé.

Now if you are thinking what I was thinking, “How can I paint a being a bus driver in such a way that wold seem appealing to my future employers?” After thinking it over I have come up with an answer.

Driving a bus is not as easy as you think, you have to constantly be aware of your surroundings, remember that you have about 30 feet of metal behind you, and you have to be aware of the condition of the bus. It’s a lot of pressure! So when my future employer ask me how driving a bus will help me function in a public relations field I can say, “Driving a bus has refined my skills at working under pressure, I have to protect myself, my passengers, and the vehicles around me.”

You also have to cater to the passengers. When people enter and leave the bus, as a driver, you great them. Sometimes they ask you which stop they should get off on, and if conditions on the bus are not to their liking, if you can change them you should.

Driving a bus is also giving me customer service experience.

And lastly, when you are driving a bus with more than one vehicle on route, you have to react and follow the other drivers so that you keep a good distance from each other. This involves communication and following skills. You have to communicate with the other drivers when they are going too fast or slow, and if you advised to change you speed you have to follow it.

In summary, the next time I apply for a job and they ask me about my experience as a bus driver I will have the perfect answer.

“Driving a bus helped me work under pressure better, refine my customer service skills, and the communication skills.”

Until next time,