A Cooler Myspace? Yes, Please

This is icon for social networking website. Th...

This is icon for social networking website. This is part of Open Icon Library’s webpage icon package. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I was on my favorite website, buzzfeed.com, and I saw this article about Myspace. I don’t know about anyone else, but Myspace was my first social network and I really loved it. and then Facebook came along and I moved on from Myspace, but I may be returning to Myspace. Watch this video and tell me you are not intrigued and I will show you a liar.

The New Myspace

So it looks like a combination of many things. It has the music that Myspace is really know for now. The layout reminds me of Pinterest, it looks like streaming music will be easier than before, more like Spotify. It also looks like you can watch music videos on Myspace.

All I know is I am visiting new.myspace.com and signing up to be notified when it releases. Hopefully this relaunch will be successful!

Much love,





The University of South Florida’s Public Relations Student Society of America is hosting a mini conference called “Roads in PR” open to all students.

The conference is Sept. 21, 2012 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the 3rd floor of the Marshall Student Center. The four tracks discussed are professional, consumer goods pr, career readiness and social media. Students will learn how to get connected through networking, learn ways to strengthen their social media brand, will have an opportunity to gain experience in marketing and advertising through a possible paid internship for Cox Target Media and learn how to use electronic press releases. 

Guest speakers include Nancy Vaughn, owner and principal pr and marketing director of White Book Agency; Glenn Selig, CEO of Selig Multimedia Inc.; Antony Francis, president of Head of Lettuce Media; Marsha Strickhouser, public relations manager at Valpak and Cox Target Media; and Angela Walters, president of the Tampa Bay chapter of PRSA.

“This conference is an opportunity for students to fuel their passion and further their understanding and knowledge of the public relations industry,” Murewa Olubela, president of PRSSA, said. “The speakers include some of Tampa’s top public relations professionals, and the information and networking opportunities they will provide to the students should be extremely valuable.”

The event is free and includes lunch. Students can register at http://usprssaminiconference.eventbrite.com 

Since its founding, the Walter E. Griscti Chapter of PRSSA at the University of South Florida has developed into a top-tier chapter filled with talented students eager to enhance their knowledge about public relations. The chapter works closely with the Tampa Bay chapter of PRSA and the Tampa Bay chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) to provide numerous networking opportunities for our members. These strong relationships allow members to work face-to-face with those already in the industry.

Dine in the Dark update


Dine in the dark is so close, I’m really excited.

Basically everything is ready and we just have to get people to buy the tickets.

Now what have I done for the marketing

  • Marketed on campus electronically by being put on the campus e-newsletter
  • Set up dates and activities to do at Bull Market to get people to buy tickets
  • Contacted the campus newspaper and radio station to see if they would like to cover the event (they do!)
  • Contacted other new outlets (have yet to get back with me 😦

We also have this great service on campus called Hype that designed a poster for us, we didn’t really like it so we used some of their details and made our own. Look at it, love it. Can’t wait until the event!

❤ Michaela

Become a Savvy Blogger


Writing blogs is a great way to share information with your audience. Not just because it used on the internet and everyone can see it, but also because blog post are really easy to write. Use these five tips to write a great blog.

  1. Write to a Specific Audience– According to Shane Snow from Mashable, it’s good to write for a specific audience. Writing to a large audience is great to generate traffic on your site, but to keep a loyal audience specific is the way to go. When a person knows they can get specific info from your site, they will have no reason to go somewhere else.
  2. Encourage Loyalty by being Consistent– Once you set up a good following, give your readers something to expect like a daily or weekly post. That way they will work you into their routine. “wake up, drink coffee, read my blog”
  3. Write in Short paragraphs Susan Gunelius from About.com says to write in short paragraphs (like 2-3 sentences). I say take it one set more and write in bullet points. The idea is to make the writing more visually appealing for readers. I don’t know about you but when I see a lot of text I just move on.
  4. LINKS LINKS LINKS!– Links are important because you don’t know everything. Links give you a perfect opportunity to give more information to the readers and give credit where credit is due. I also hear if you link someone on you blog they may link you on their blog, now your sharing readers!
  5. Attention Grabbing Titles- Saved the last for best. Get you titles straight. They make people want to click on your blog, they get search engine’s attentions, and they set the tone for your overall blog. When crating titles remember to keep it simple, grab attention, and be descriptive.

These five tips on writing a blog should just be a start to developing your blog writing skills. Do some research and find what suits your writing style.

Have any awesome tips I didn’t mention, Leave it in the comments!

❤ Michaela