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As I reach the end of my first semester of my core PR classes I realized I have learned a lot. There are so many tools and tactics that are used in the public relations world. I  honestly loved learning about them. I love it so much that I wanted to create a new series on my blog all about PR tools. I want to do it for two reasons:

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  1. By posting what I learned in class, I will have a reference to it where ever I’m at and when I need it. It will be helpful in my future classes and in my future job.
  2. More importantly, I want to share what I learned with people. Maybe some freshman in college is trying to pick a major, Googles PR and my blog pops up. Hopefully they read my post and get a better idea of what PR entails. Or maybe a student is writing a press release and wants many different styles.

The series is titled Public Relation Tools and will feature a different tactic/tool each week. Hopefully I stick to this writing schedule. It will touch on traditional tactics (press releases, VNR, letter to the editor), new tactics (social media) and vocab that is important to the industry. If there is anything I learned this semester, it’s that vocabulary (jargon) is what set professionals apart non-professionals.


My biggest goal for this series is to help students, but if that doesn’t happen I am fine with just sharing what I know and getting feedback.

See you in the next post about press releases,



I got an Internship!


It’s official. I am now intern at College Lifestyles online magazine. I am a proud member of the social media team! My exact position has not been decided yet. I wanted to wait to post something, but I was just TOO anxious.

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College Lifestyles ™ is an online magazine bringing nutrition, etiquette, and lifestyle to the classiest of co-eds. It has a monthly readership of 50,000 and a huge social media following– which will be good for my position 🙂 The magazine has articles on various topics, my favorite are the etiquette and DIY articles.

I’m not sure how much info I can share, but once I find out I’m going to be all on it. I’m so excited. I keep saying that because it true. This is just another step in my journey to becoming a professional! I’m on the right path, Finally!

Check out College Lifestyles

Stay Classy!