Hi! I’m Michaela and I’m a senior at the University of South Florida in Tampa. I’m double majoring in mass communications with a concentration in public relations and sociology. Currently, I am an etiquette & professional development writer at College Lifestyles™. My extracurricular activities include president of the Try New Things Club and an active member in the Public Relations Student Society of America.

I embrace the internet fully and look forward to working with it in the future. I love how it allows people to communicate faster than ever before, I love how new information is literally at my fingertips, and I love how entertaining it is. It will open many opportunities for me within the public relations field

After graduation I plan to work in the public relations field. My goal is to have a career doing one of the following: Crisis management, brand management, social media or media relations.

This blog will detail my journey to becoming a PR practitioner and entering the professional world.

Browse my blog, check out my resume and look at my portfolio to see where I’m at in my journey.

Want to know more? All you have to do is ask. You can contact me through email and other social media outlets.



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