My Resume



AARP Volunteer Leader Joins the Tuskegee Airmen

AARP Florida Working towards Safer Streets for Pedestrians

Orlando Boomer Academy:


Orlando Boomer Academy FlyerCalendar Notice:

Calendar Notice in Orlando Sentinel, full page





Media Advisory


Fox 35 News Segment

Radio Scripts aired on WCGL:

Black History Month

Jacksonville Jazz Festival

Amy Goyer and the Caregivng Expo


College Lifestyles™

CL interviews classy coed Christine Hilliard

Classy co ed of the week Meghan Palmer

Classy coed of the Week Alexandria Martinson

CLs Guide to corporate Hierarchy

How to beef up your resume

How to Write a Thank You Email

Snag-a-Skill- Public Speaking

Top 5 Cover Letter Mistakes your Making

What can I do with my English Degree

Writing Examples

Press Release

Pitch Letter

Media Alert

Feature Story

Broadcast Release


News Stories for the Digital Bullpen

Personal Expression leads to Culture shock for Japanese Student

Bull runner increases number of passengers

Student raise awareness by living below the poverty line

Day in the life: Aramark Driver

Class Work

News Show Program Analysis

Italy Photo Diary

Analysis of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty


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