This Site is Under Construction

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/

As my senior year approaches I have come to realize a few things — I need to create a personal brand. My first step is to re-design this blog to be a better representation of who I am. Then I will work on my online presence though social media sites especially LinkedIn.

Wondering what my personal brand will look like? Check out the business card I created below or take a glance at my updated resume.


Simple but informative. Created in Adobe InDesign

I hope you will follow me through this journey.

Get ready for some changes 🙂



Become a Savvy Blogger


Writing blogs is a great way to share information with your audience. Not just because it used on the internet and everyone can see it, but also because blog post are really easy to write. Use these five tips to write a great blog.

  1. Write to a Specific Audience– According to Shane Snow from Mashable, it’s good to write for a specific audience. Writing to a large audience is great to generate traffic on your site, but to keep a loyal audience specific is the way to go. When a person knows they can get specific info from your site, they will have no reason to go somewhere else.
  2. Encourage Loyalty by being Consistent– Once you set up a good following, give your readers something to expect like a daily or weekly post. That way they will work you into their routine. “wake up, drink coffee, read my blog”
  3. Write in Short paragraphs Susan Gunelius from says to write in short paragraphs (like 2-3 sentences). I say take it one set more and write in bullet points. The idea is to make the writing more visually appealing for readers. I don’t know about you but when I see a lot of text I just move on.
  4. LINKS LINKS LINKS!– Links are important because you don’t know everything. Links give you a perfect opportunity to give more information to the readers and give credit where credit is due. I also hear if you link someone on you blog they may link you on their blog, now your sharing readers!
  5. Attention Grabbing Titles- Saved the last for best. Get you titles straight. They make people want to click on your blog, they get search engine’s attentions, and they set the tone for your overall blog. When crating titles remember to keep it simple, grab attention, and be descriptive.

These five tips on writing a blog should just be a start to developing your blog writing skills. Do some research and find what suits your writing style.

Have any awesome tips I didn’t mention, Leave it in the comments!

❤ Michaela