I got an Internship!


It’s official. I am now intern at College Lifestyles online magazine. I am a proud member of the social media team! My exact position has not been decided yet. I wanted to wait to post something, but I was just TOO anxious.

Logo Sticker JPeg.001

College Lifestyles ™ is an online magazine bringing nutrition, etiquette, and lifestyle to the classiest of co-eds. It has a monthly readership of 50,000 and a huge social media following– which will be good for my position 🙂 The magazine has articles on various topics, my favorite are the etiquette and DIY articles.

I’m not sure how much info I can share, but once I find out I’m going to be all on it. I’m so excited. I keep saying that because it true. This is just another step in my journey to becoming a professional! I’m on the right path, Finally!

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Stay Classy!