Volunteering at the Engineering EXPO


I volunteered for the Engineering EXPO because many of my friends are pursuing STEM majors. My friends were already volunteering with the EXPO or their organizations were put on showcase and they still needed help. I also took it as a chance for me to learn a more about the STEM subjects. In addition, it was a way for me to help out USF by present a good image to the schools, students, and parents.

The exhibit I worked at was a demonstration by WUSF Public Media on how to create a video game and enter it into a contest to win prizes. I worked on crowd control at this exhibit, standing at the door and not allowing people to enter once the classroom was filled and when the presentation started. I also helped direct people to other exhibits and pointed them to the restrooms.

I did not get to experience as much as I wanted to because I was outside of the classroom, but I did help a lot of people get to specific exhibits. Their thanks and kind words were a great reward to me. There is something about knowing you helped someone that really makes me happy.

There were tons of kids there, all ages,  K-12. You could tell they were having a good time. It wasn’t as organized as it could’ve been, and it rained, but the kids were having fun and learning. That’s what really mattered. I’m not sure how the publicized the event to other schools, but whatever they did it was successful. I can understand how public and private schools got the information about the EXPO, but I have no idea how homeschooled students got the information.

Overall I enjoyed the event because I felt like I was helping out, albeit only a bit. I would have liked to have more interaction with the exhibits and the students. I would have liked to learn something new that day. Nevertheless I do plan to volunteer again at the EXPO. Hopefully I will be able to get a position closer to the exhibits.

Everyone should volunteer now and then. It feels so good to be giving back to people and not expecting anything in return.

Check out the volunteer activities your favorite organization is doing and sign up!!

Happy Volunteering!